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With an RTN Credit Union VISA Debit card, you can make totally free ATM transactions anytime at all RTN-owned ATMs, and can make deposits at designated RTN ATMs.

Plus, you can make surcharge-free transactions at more than 55,000 ATMs in the Allpoint, SUM, and MoneyPass ATM networks found worldwide at many retail locations and financial institutions. You can make deposits at participating NYCE ATM Deposit or MoneyPass® ATMs. Members may withdraw up to $750 per day at ATMs worldwide.

With the Performance Package, you get the benefit of five totally free transactions made from your RTN Checking Account at non-RTN ATMs. A charge will apply for each transaction you make from your RTN Savings Account at non-RTN ATMs and if you make more than five transactions per month from your RTN Checking Account. You can use your credit union debit card to make purchases as well.

When you use your VISA Debit card, funds are withdrawn from your designated account, so you don’t need to carry large amounts of cash with you. And when using your VISA Debit card for purchases, you can ask for cash back, which eliminates the need to get cash from an ATM.

Members now can download the CardValet app to further protect their RTN VISA Debit cards from fraud and give them more control when using their debit card for purchases. Available for smartphones, CardValet lets you manage how, when and where your card is used. Find out more here.

Your VISA Debit card also comes with added fraud protection when shopping online or making in-store purchases such as two-way text alerts. When a potentially suspicious transaction attempts to make a withdrawal from your account, you will receive a text notification requesting confirmation of the purchase.  If a text confirmation is not available or not received,  confirmation of the transaction will be attempted with a phone call.

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Members now can make surcharge-free transactions at Allpoint ATMs located at Speedway gas stations.

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For ATM/Debit new card activation or existing card PIN change, please call 800-237-9298.