Cents-ible Savers Club

The earlier a child learns to save money, the better the chance he will develop smart financial habits. Our Cents-ible Savers Club designed to teach the power of saving and other key financial concepts at a young age. Students at participating schools simply need to make regular deposits into their RTN Share Savings Accounts. They can watch their money grow and become eligible for monthly prizes.

Each month, an RTN representative visits a school to collect deposits that go right into the student’s RTN Main Share Account. Students get a receipt of their deposit so they can keep their own records of their account activity.

Each student participating in the Cents-ible Saver Club needs an adult of 18 years or older to be a co-owner on the account. While deposits will be accepted at the school, all withdrawals must be made at an RTN branch with a parent or guardian’s authorization. Parents will have deposit confirmation by comparing the receipts their child receives to the student’s quarterly statement.

If your child goes to a school that participates in the RTN Cents-ible Savers Club, you can enroll your child by completing a membership form, provide a copy of a valid government-issued photo identification and the child’s social security card, and make a $5 account deposit.

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