The Many Benefits of Class Act Checking

With her new Class Act Checking Account, Kayla received a free VISA® Debit card and will never be charged an ATM fee at any ATM. She also will receive up to $10 per month reimbursement for ATM surcharges, free Mobile and Online Banking and will enjoy no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. Everyone who opens a Class Act Checking Account also receives a $10 gift card to either Starbucks® or Dave & Busters® (Kayla chose Dave & Busters). Since she is under age 18, her father is on the account with her.

Dr. Lezama is a long-time Credit Union member, as are his wife, mother, sister and other family members. He knows first-hand how easy it is to mishandle finances. As a teenager, he ran up credit card debt. “I didn’t really understand credit or how to spend money, and it was very easy to max out on my credit card,” he says.

With help from Credit Union staff, he was able to make changes to his finances, and is determined to help Kayla make smart financial choices. She already seems to be on the right track. “I know you really have to wait to make sure you have the money to buy the things you want,” Kayla says. “I’m glad RTN has this account for Kayla,” says Dr. Lezama. “She is getting older and it’s time for her to learn how to manage money so she will have that knowledge throughout her life.”

To open a Class Act Checking Account, complete this form and bring it to an RTN branch.  For more information, contact a Member Services Representative at 781-736-9900 or 800-338-0221, Option 1.