Don’t Get Scammed This Holiday Season

Tis the season and not just for holiday shopping–it’s also a time when frauds and scams are prevalent.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid being a victim.

Never give out your personal information. RTN and other legitimate organizations will never call, email or text you requesting your account number, Social Security number or other information.   RTN will ONLY ask you to reveal your personal information once you have initiated contact with us.

Don’t click on a link even if you believe it’s from a company you know. Fake websites can look almost exactly like real ones, so don’t be fooled.  Contact the company directly by entering their website url or by looking up their phone number (don’t call a number they provided or from caller ID).

Never pay anyone by gift card.  With this scam, a fraudster, often posing as a representative from an official agency or legitimate company, contacts an unsuspecting victim and pressures them for payment through gift card. They ask the victim to buy a gift card and send the serial number to the scammer, who then steals the value of the card.

These are just a few scams to be aware of; you can find more information and ways to protect yourself at the the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) websites.

To keep your RTN account safe, we encourage you to sign up for transactions alerts in Mobile and Online Banking so you will know when there has been activity with your account.  You also can download CardValet, a free app that lets you control and monitor use of your RTN VISA Debit card from your smartphone or mobile device. Further information about protecting your RTN account is here.