Get the Benefits of eDocuments

You’ll receive your important RTN documents quickly and conveniently when you sign up for eDocuments, our electronic document delivery feature.

If you are enrolled in eStatements, you know how easy and convenient it is to receive your RTN monthly/quarterly statements electronically. Now, with our eDocuments feature, you can receive not only your statements electronically but also important notices (eNotices) and tax forms (eTax).

All our members can take advantage of this quick and easy feature, which is available through Online Banking. If you don’t use Online Banking, it’s easy to sign up.

eDocuments include:
• Monthly statements (eStatements)
• Notices including loan, mortgage and home equity bills; certificate maturity; escrow analysis; and/or share draft and electronic funds transfers (eNotices)
• Tax forms (eTaxes)
You can choose to receive only eStatements, eNotices or eTax; a combination; or all three types of eDocuments.

If you already receive eStatements you can choose to also receive eNotices and/or eTax.
To opt-in to eDocuments, go to the eDocuments and Services tab in Online Banking.   You’ll save time, and since it’s environmentally friendly, you’ll save a tree or two as well!