Getting to Financial Health

This past Saturday, March 12, teens and adults attended a free “Basics of Money Management” seminar, sponsored by RTN GoodWorks Foundation and held at the Bethel Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in Dorchester. The presenter was Kerri McLaughlin, CCUFC, RTN’s Educational and Financial Literacy Coordinator.

Topics covered during the two-hour, interactive session included saving and spending wisely, and understanding and building credit. Along with the presentation, there were group activities to encourage asking questions and sharing. For one of the activities, participants wrote a pledge to themselves, promising to put into practice one of the skills that they learned during the session.

After the session finished at noon, attendees enjoyed a pizza lunch and stayed another hour to continue the conversation and learning.

Here are some of the comments attendees shared:

  • “The seminar was very eye opening on the day-to-day working of SMART planning and goals.”
  • “We could use this seminar again. I hope you (RTN) come back.”
  • “She was amazing. Thank you.”

Part of RTN GoodWorks Foundation’s mission is to make financial literacy tools accessible to more people. Founded in 2011, the RTN GoodWorks Foundation is a natural outgrowth of our Credit Union’s commitment to financial literacy and community activities as key components of financial health efforts.

We invite you to join us at upcoming scheduled seminars in RTN branches and look for future Foundation-sponsored seminars in the community.