Learning Financial Tools for a Lifetime

It’s never too early to think about your financial future.

We recently had the pleasure to build money management skills with the next generation of consumers and money managers. More than forty teens in the Waltham community attended free financial seminars where we discussed a wide range of topics, from receiving their first paycheck to saving for the future.

On February 7, local teens ages 14 to 17 participated in “Basics of Money Management” at the Waltham Boys & Girls Club, sponsored by RTN GoodWorks Foundation and the Credit Union. RTN partnered with American Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc. (ACCC) to present the interactive, two-hour roundtable session. Discussion including how to save and spend money and setting financial goals, to learning about money-related topics and attitudes. The students enjoyed a pizza and salad dinner as part of the evening’s event.

During the month of February, we coordinated with a teacher at Waltham High School to present financial education seminars as part of his business classes. Once again, we partnered with ACCC to present “Basics of Money Management.” The primarily 9th grade students were very engaged as they discussed how to manage their money, budgeting and financing, and learning how to make smart choices.

RTN offers financial education seminars throughout the year for all ages and stages of life at our branches, in the workplace and in the community. We hope to see you at an upcoming seminar and look forward to providing you with knowledge to take control of your financial life.