The Lesson of Saving

The money habits we learn early in life help shape our financial future.

RTN’s Cents-ible Savers Club is one of the many ways the Credit Union supports healthy financial habits in our local community, and brings the lesson of savings to school-age children and their families.

Now that the school year is underway, it’s a great time to help your child learn the concept of savings and establish their own personal account, and help him/her build first-hand experience with a financial institution.

Currently, RTN partners with two elementary schools in Waltham to bring the Cents-ible Savers Club to their students. Participating students in kindergarten through grade five at Plympton Elementary School, and pre-school through grade 8 at Our Lady’s Academy are able to make regular deposits into their RTN Share Savings Accounts.
Twice each month, an RTN representative visits the schools to collect deposits that go into a participating student’s RTN Main Share Account. Each student participating in the Cents-ible Saver Club needs an adult of 18 years or older to be a co-owner on the account.

If your child attends either of these schools, you can enroll him or her in RTN’s Cents-ible Savers Club by completing a membership form. Please provide a copy of a valid government-issued photo identification with your current address and the child’s social security card, and make a $5 account deposit.