Millie Zayas Named Credit Union Professional of the Year

Millie Zayas
Vice President of Retail Branches

We are proud to announce that Millie Zayas, RTN’s Vice President of Retail Branches, received the Professional of the Year Award at the 2022 Cooperative Credit Union Association’s (CCUA) Awards of Excellence event in October 2022.

Millie has contributed to RTN’s workplace in significant ways during her forty-one years of service. She has reimagined RTN’s branch network, mentored dozens of co-workers, established a business development department and helped scores of members become homeowners while making an impact as a cultural trailblazer.

Throughout her career, Millie has focused on giving members the best experience and supporting her colleagues to create a stronger workplace, while helping individuals and organizations in the community who may be less fortunate. She is the first Latina to serve in senior management at RTN and, as a long-time advocate for Spanish-speaking and immigrant members, she has been instrumental in developing program guidelines that meet their unique financial needs. Millie’s efforts truly embody the credit union spirit of serving members and community.

Congratulations Millie on your well-deserved award!

Here is the link of Millie’s award and acceptance –

3 Responses to “Millie Zayas Named Credit Union Professional of the Year”

  1. Paul McGowan

    A well deserving honor for a truly remarkable professional! Thank you for all you have accomplished for RTN’s membership and all of your contributions to the RTN Credit Union over the years.


  2. Eileen Hogan

    Millie is truly an outstanding professional! I have been with the credit union for over 40 years and knowing Millie is there is the reason why I am still with RTN today. Perserverance and hard work has gotten Millie where she is today. So proud of her!!!


    • Paula Kerwin

      Hi Eileen: We appreciate your comment and fully agree with them! Millie has contributed so much to the RTN community and truly deserves this award. Thank you for your kind words and your Credit Union membership.


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