Mortgage Products with the Personal Touch

Buying a home and getting the right mortgage product can be challenging. Our knowledgeable staff is here to work with you and give you the personal attention you need to find the best mortgage option to meet your specific needs.

Along with our full range of fixed- and adjustable-rate mortages, here’s a quick overview of some of our specialized mortgages, and some of the ways we help make the process easier:

Jumbo Mortgages with 30- and 20-year Fixed Rates—Jumbo loans are mortgages that exceed the conventional borrowing limits that vary by county and state (typically $417,000 in most areas). Competitive fixed rates on jumbo loans are available for 10-, 15-, 20- and 30- year terms. Adjustable rates are available for up to 30 years with a 5/1 ARM program and a 7/1 ARM program (that adjusts annually after the first 5 or 7 years respectively) and a 3/3 ARM with rates that adjust every three years.

RTN First-Time Home Buyer Mortgages—We feature discounted rate for the first three years, with as little as a 3 percent down payment.

Vacation Homes and Home for Retirement—We finance vacation homes, and homes you plan to use for your future retirement, with great rates and terms.

The Advantage of a Mortgage Pre-Approval—Before you begin looking for a home, be sure to call or visit the Credit Union for a mortgage pre-approval. A pre-approval allows you to negotiate from a position of strength, knowing in advance the amount you can borrow. And once you have an accepted offer, it’s easy to convert it to an application, with no need to complete a new application.

Individual Attention—Our mortgage staff is always happy to work with you on your mortgage application or pre-approval, particularly if the loan has special or unique circumstances. We can also work to accommodate tight timeframes. Please call me at 781-736-9821.

Lisa Rohmer is RTN’s Mortgage Production Manager.