October 18 is International Credit Union Day

October 18, 2018, is International Credit Union Day, a day RTN and credit unions all over the world commemorate the history and success of the “People-Not-Profit” philosophy.

The credit union movement began in the 1840s by weavers in Europe. Frustrated by bankers who denied them loans simply because they weren’t wealthy, they decided to pool their incomes and loan money to each other. This cooperation put each member on solid financial ground and encouraged their own businesses to flourish.

Today, over 235 million people in 109 countries and six continents are served by credit unions.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, RTN and all credit unions are owned by, and operated for, members. This people-first philosophy doesn’t just mean better service, it translates into a better financial deal for consumers. On average, credit unions offer the same products and services found at other financial institution, but typically at better rates and with fewer and lower fees.

The credit union difference also includes a social mission. Community involvement is a core value of RTN, and we are proud to support local projects and initiatives through the efforts of the RTN Employee Outreach Committee and the RTN GoodWorks Foundation.

As we mark International Credit Union Day at RTN, know that we’re thanking you for belonging to a movement that’s helping you and people around the world grow, thrive and follow their dreams.

We invite you to visit one of our community branches for light refreshments as we celebrate the day.

If you have any questions about the credit union philosophy or how RTN can help you, stop by one of our branches or contact us at 781-736-9900 or info@rtn.org.