RTN Front Porch Project

You can preserve your family’s memories during these historic times by entering the RTN Front Porch Project contest. Three members will receive a photo session with a professional photographer, who will take a picture of your family on your front porch or outside your home in keeping with social distancing guidelines.

Photographers nationwide have participated in local Front Porch projects. The winners of the RTN Front Porch Project will have a family portrait by photographer Kelly Wentworth, who participated in the Tewksbury Front Porch Project. WBZ-TV4 in Boston featured Kelly’s work in a story aired in April 2020.

To enter, fill out an entry form and let us know, in ten words or fewer, what COVID-19 means to you. Click here to complete your entry. For details, call 617-278-5620 or email pkerwin@rtn.org.

2 Responses to “RTN Front Porch Project”

  1. Maria Ventullo

    COVID-19 means keeping my family safe and helping my community.