RTN Seminars Go Virtual

One of the many social changes that has occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic is the shift from in-person classrooms to online learning through virtual classrooms and webinars.

At RTN, we offer regularly scheduled financial education seminars as part of our Credit Union’s mission to help our members be financially successful.

Because of restrictions this spring on in-person activities, we had to cancel previously scheduled first-time home buyers seminars in branches, and seminars on various topics in our SEGs.

So, we put together a project team to work on developing a virtual platform for our financial education seminars. And, we held our first virtual financial education seminar this week and 17 people attended a 2-hour First-Time Home Buyers seminar online.

We are here to help our members and we want our members to have tools to help them to take charge of their financial lives.

We have started partnering with some of our SEGs to schedule virtual seminars for their employees and are starting to develop a virtual RTN at Work program. Check our schedule for upcoming seminars.