A Sweet Treat in Your Workplace

We’re always thinking of how we can serve our members, and, this summer, we’re serving ice cream!

We’re treating employees of several of our employer affiliates, also called Select Employer Groups (SEGs), to ice cream sundaes so they can enjoy a cool summer treat right at work. Along with sweet treats, we’re there to let you know how RTN can help you with your finances, whether it’s to borrow for a specific purpose, save for a rainy day, or attend one of our financial seminars.

What are SEGs? They are RTN’s cooperative owners—the organizations that offer RTN as a benefit to their employees. We partner with our SEGs to help you know more about how to manage your money and to get easy access to the Credit Union through our RTN to Go mobile branch. Through RTN to Go, you can make many non-cash account transactions, financial education, and get one-on-one consultative services.

Let us know how RTN can serve your employees.