The Lesson of Saving

The money habits we learn early in life help shape our financial future.

RTN’s Cents-ible Savers Club is a great example of how the Credit Union brings the lesson of savings to school-age children and their families.

With the start of the school year, it’s a great time to help your child learn the concept of savings and establish their own personal account, and help him/her build first-hand experience with a financial institution.

Currently, RTN partners with three elementary schools in Waltham to bring the Cents-ible Savers Club to their students. Participating students in grades one to eight at Northeast Elementary School, Plympton Elementary School, and Our Lady’s Academy are able to make regular deposits into their RTN Share Savings Accounts.

Twice each month, an RTN representative visits the school to collect deposits that go into the student’s RTN Main Share Account. Each student participating in the Cents-ible Saver Club needs an adult of 18 years or older to be a co-owner on the account.

You can enroll your child in RTN’s Cents-ible Savers Club by completing a membership form. Please provide a copy of a valid government-issued photo identification and the child’s social security card, and make a $5 account deposit.