Updated Covid-19 Guidelines from the City of Waltham

Per updated COVID-19 guidelines from the City of Waltham, face-coverings are required for entry to our Waltham branch as of October 4, 2021.

Throughout the pandemic, the safety and wellbeing of members and staff have been our priority. We remain dedicated to serving our members while following COVID-19 guidelines from state and local authorities, which continue to evolve.

As you may be aware, individual cities and towns are implementing their own mask mandates. In observance of guidelines from the City of Waltham, City of Boston, Town of Brookline and City of Worcester, masks or face coverings are required for those who work or visit RTN branches in Waltham (as of October 4, 2021), Brookline and Dorchester (as of August 27, 2021) and Worcester (as of September 20, 2021). For those visiting our Brookline branch, guidelines indicate individuals with medical conditions that prevent them from safely wearing face coverings should wear plastic shields.

For safety and identification purposes, when visiting these branches, you will be asked to lower your face covering/mask and face the camera before entering the branch. We will have signs posted explaining this protocol.

As per guidelines from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding mask-wearing requirements as of May 29, those who are fully vaccinated may enter other RTN branches without a mask or face covering. This guidance is based on direction provided by the Massachusetts Public Health as well as information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The state’s current position is that “Non-vaccinated individuals are advised to continue wearing face masks and to continue distancing in most settings.”

As we adapt to these ongoing changes, our guiding principle is mutual respect. We have put into place protocols and safety measures that have served us well and we expect this to continue. We will continue to respond to changes and appreciate everyone’s responsible and respectful cooperation. Thank you for your support.

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