Watch! Read! Listen!

One of the pleasures of summer is summer reading.

RTN is proud to be a business sponsor of the Friends of Waltham Public Library’s Watch! Read! Listen! Summer Reading program. This initiative encourages Waltham kids and adults to experience a story together in an entertaining and enriching way.

Participation is easy: Watch a movie; Read a book, read the book to a baby or try a graphic novel; Listen to an audio book, or a soundtrack. Folks in Waltham can come to the library all summer long and meet neighbors for programs, book groups, movies, crafts, singalongs, guest speakers, and much more, all for free. The Waltham Public Library has served the community for more than 150 years.

Watch! Read! Listen! is just one of many community projects that RTN supports in Waltham, and in our communities with RTN branch locations.

As a Credit Union, community involvement is a core value of RTN. We support local community projects and initiatives, and work collaboratively with members, sponsor groups and our surrounding communities through financial support and volunteer participation.