High Tech Services With a Personal Touch

ITMWe’re excited to offer our members the latest in banking technology with the introduction of our Live Video Tellers or ITMs (Interactive Teller Machine).

ITMs look like ATMs but include a video screen so members can see and speak directly with a representative for help with their accounts or to make secure transactions. It’s just like video chatting on your smartphone.

The video teller feature of the ITM is available for former RTN Federal Credit Union members only; former RTN members and non-members may use the machine as an ATM.

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What is a Live Video Teller or ITM?

An ITM, is the next generation of banking technology, offering members high tech with a personal touch. Live Video Tellers look like ATMs but include video screens so members can see and speak one-to-one with a representative for help with their accounts or to make secure transactions.

What is the difference between a Live Video Teller and an ATM?

Although Live Video Tellers and ATMs have similar interfaces, ITMs offer enhanced services as well as direct communication with a Credit Union representative

Why are we offering this service?

We are committed to providing our members convenient services along with the latest technology. Our video teller is a great way for members to make quick transactions without waiting in line at a branch.

What transactions can members make at the ITM?

Members can make many of the same quick transactions at the ITM as they would at a full-service branch, including:

  • Deposits
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Loan and credit card payments
  • Transfers to RTN accounts

Can an ITM also be used as an ATM?

The ITM also may be used as an ATM for Credit Union members and non-members.

How does a former RTN member use the ITM?

To begin service, simply insert your ATM or debit card into the machine, then follow the prompts on the screen. If you don’t have a Credit Union ATM or VISA Debit card, you can insert a valid, government-issued photo identification like a Massachusetts drivers license in the slot where indicated on the machine.  You may use any ATM or debit card for ATM service.

Once you select ITM service and follow the screen prompts, you will be able to communicate with an ITM representative via video screen. For greater privacy, you may choose to speak with our representative using a secure telephone attached to the machine. You also may opt to use the ITM’s chat feature where you type your request on the screen and receive answers the same way.

Just like you would at a branch, you will be asked to provide a valid government-issued photo identification before you begin your transaction. Make sure your ID is the size of a debit card or driver’s license so it fits into the slot.

If you have any questions, your ITM representative will be happy to guide you through your transaction.

Where can I use the Live Video Teller?

Former RTN members may use our video teller when visiting the Waltham and Tewksbury branches from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Wednesday; 9 am to 4:30 pm on Thursday; and 9 am to 4 pm on Friday.