Mobile Branch – Right at Your Workplace

RTN to Go is a mobile branch brings the Credit Union right to members at the workplace. Instead of having to go to a Credit Union branch, members can make many non-cash account transactions, get access to information on financial education and get one-on-one consultative services through RTN to Go at their workplace location.

Where and When     Make a Transaction

Services Available

RTN to Go brings your employees’ Credit Union directly to them in the workplace. With RTN to Go, members can make many of the same transactions that they can make at a branch or online. Use RTN to Go mobile branch to:

  • Open a new Share Savings Account
  • Open a new Checking or Money Market Account
  • Open a Club Account
  • Make a deposit
  • Make an account transfer
  • Update your address
  • Make a payroll deduction adjustment
  • Apply for a loan
  • Apply for a VISA Credit Card
  • Reorder checks
  • Make a check withdrawal
  • Purchase a money order
  • Purchase a VISA Gift Card
  • Purchase an AMEX Gift Cheque
  • Purchase Traveler’s Checks

Make a Transaction at Work

You can make many of the same transactions at RTN to Go workplace banking, as you can at a branch. You can request a check, get a money order, purchase Traveler’s Checks, VISA Gift Cards and AMEX Gift Cheques. Just click on one of the links listed below, complete the form, and click submit. You can pick up your requested item at a RTN to Go branch two (2) business days after we receive your request. All requests received after 3 pm will be processed the next business day.

Click on the RTN to Go calendar to find the location at which you can pick up your item—look for the day, time and location scheduled two days after we have received your request. You must show a valid government-issued picture identification before you can receive your item.

If you do not pick up your item at the scheduled RTN to Go branch, we will contact you. If we are unable to contact you, we can redeposit the funds used to purchase your check into the RTN account you have designated.

You must have available funds in the RTN account you have selected for your transaction to be processed via mobile banking.

Make your transaction by ordering your items in advance: