Fostering Financial Wellness, Community and Hope

RTN GoodWorks Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public charitable foundation that fosters financial wellness, and promotes financial literacy and community involvement. Founded in 2011, the RTN GoodWorks Foundation is a natural outgrowth of the Credit Union’s commitment to community activities and financial literacy as a key component of financial health efforts.

Financial Education

The work of the Foundation reflects a belief that with access to financial education, there can be a real difference in people’s lives and they can become financially independent.

During the year, RTN GoodWorks Foundation sponsors financial seminars in branch or community settings. Our next scheduled seminar is “Basics of Money Management,” on Tuesday, February 7, 2017, 5 to 7 pm, at Boys & Girls Club, 20 Exchange Street, Waltham, MA. This interactive, two-hour workshop will cover the basics of money management. Topics include saving and spending wisely, and understanding and building credit. Suitable for teens and adults.

Registration is recommended as space is limited.

Basics of Money Management Seminar

RTN GoodWorks Foundation Money Management Seminar

On Saturday, March 12, teens and adults attended a free “Basics of Money Management” seminar, sponsored by RTN GoodWorks Foundation and held at the Bethel Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in Dorchester. The presenter was Kerri McLaughlin, CCUFC, RTN’s Educational and Financial Literacy Coordinator. Topics covered during the two-hour, interactive session included saving and spending wisely, and understanding and building credit. Along with the presentation, there were group activities to encourage asking questions and sharing. For one of the activities, participants wrote a pledge to themselves, promising to put into practice one of the skills that they learned during the session.

After the session finished at noon, attendees enjoyed a pizza lunch and stayed another hour to continue the conversation and learning.

Here are some of the comments attendees shared:

  • “The seminar was very eye opening on the day-to-day working of SMART planning and goals.”
  • “We could use this seminar again. I hope you (RTN) come back.”
  • “She was amazing. Thank you.”

Throughout the year, RTN GoodWorks Foundation sponsors financial seminars in branch or community settings.

Community Involvement

The Foundation’s activities are focused in communities where RTN Credit Union branches are located. The Foundation disperses funds to organizations not individuals.

Walk Home 2017: Save the Date

Save the date for the 7th annual RTN Walk Home on Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 10 am at three Walk locations: Danvers Rail Trail, Dorchester Park, and Waltham Common. Proceeds from the Walk will benefit homeless teens and families. The Walk is sponsored by RTN Federal Credit Union and RTN GoodWorks Foundation.

Thanks to those who walked, donated, or volunteered in Walk Home 2016, which raised $24,379 for the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.

Look for more details about Walk Home 2017 in the coming weeks and how you can help make a difference for the homeless.

A Great Day for a Great Cause: Walk Home 2016

Under sunny skies, dozens of walkers and volunteers joined together to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate by participating in Walk Home 2016. The sixth annual walk to benefit homeless kids, teens, families and individuals was held on Sunday, June 12 at three locations: Danvers Rail Trail, Dorchester Park and Waltham Common.

Participants were joined by state and local government officials who gave opening remarks. RTN and RTN GoodWorks Foundation were the major sponsors of this year’s Walk. All funds raised will go to Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless (MCH) and awareness of children, teens and adults experiencing homeless.

Since its inception six years ago, Walk Home has raised more than $140,000 for MCH.

We are so grateful for everyone who walked, volunteered, donated or sponsored the Walk. We’ll see you next year!

RTN GoodWorks Foundation Donates $2,100 to ABCD Winter Emergency Campaign and Fuel Assistance Program

The RTN GoodWorks Foundation presented a $2,100 check to ABCD’s (Action for Boston Community Development, Inc.) Winter Emergency Campaign and Fuel Assistance Program on Monday, April 25. The funds will help heat three households in Dorchester and Brookline. Donations throughout the year continue to assist families seeking assistance with heating and fuel expenses incurred during the winter season.

“Having a warm home is a basic necessity of life,” comments Peter Cole, Board Member of RTN Federal Credit Union (RTNFCU), Board Chair of RTN GoodWorks Foundation, and Quality Review Specialist, Quality & Patient Safety at Lawrence General Hospital. “We are delighted to support ABCD in its important mission of ensuring thousands of families in need of fuel assistance don’t go without.”

“We’re so grateful to the RTN GoodWorks Foundation, whose generosity helps us continue to be there for families in need with supportive initiatives like our Winter Emergency Campaign and Fuel Assistance Program,” says ABCD President/CEO John Drew. “Winters are harsh, especially for those less fortunate, but the kind support and outreach from partners like this can make a dramatic difference in these families’ lives.”


RTN GoodWorks Foundation board members present a $2,100 check to the Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) Winter Emergency Campaign and Fuel Assistance Program. From left: Sharon Scott-Chandler, ABCD Executive Vice President; Sarita Ledani, RTN Federal Credit Union (RTNFCU) Assistant Vice President of Business Development, and RTN GoodWorks Foundation Executive Director; Joan Kuhn, RTNFCU Board Member, and RTN GoodWorks Foundation Board Member; Nicole James, RTNFCU Senior Vice President of Retail Services, and RTN GoodWorks Foundation Treasurer; John Drew, ABCD President/CEO.

The donation provided emergency utilities to three low-income households. The funds were allocated to areas that RTN Credit Union also serves; one household in Brookline, and two in Dorchester.

  • 88 years young, Mel, of Brookline, lives on a fixed income, alone, and heats with oil. With no increase in social security this year, or in recent years, Mel finds it more and more difficult to remain in his beloved home and still afford the cost of oil to keep him warm. Through the generosity of RTN this past winter, ABCD was able to coordinate a critical delivery of oil to get him through the unusually cold spring endured this past year. Mel was elated and grateful.
  • Niki is a single mom with two small children, living in Dorchester. Due to her disability, she is unable to work. One morning she went to turn on her heat, as she turns it off at night, and found the oil tank empty. She had no hot water and no heat. She had used up her federal Fuel Assistance benefits and called us in desperation, not for herself, but for her children. We were able to assist the family through the donated funds of RTN.
  • Lorna, living alone in Dorchester on a fixed income finds it extremely difficult to pay for her rent, food, utility and medical bills. As the utility moratorium (which prevents shut-offs during the winter) ended on April 1st, Lorna was no longer protected from termination of her electricity. Her electricity was shut-off because she could not pay the full balance owed. With no electricity, the landlord can also begin eviction proceedings. The RTN donation restored her electricity and restored Lorna’s sense of security from homelessness.


RTN GoodWorks Foundation is funded through fundraising events, appeals to membership and community partners.

50/50 Raffle

RTN GoodWorks Foundation Raffle

Pictured are (l to r): Joan Kuhn, Board Member, RTN Federal Credit Union and Board Member, RTN GoodWorks Foundation; Margarita Pomare, RTN Member and winner of Foundation 50/50 Raffle; Nicole James, Senior Vice President of Retail Services, RTN Federal Credit Union, and Treasurer, RTN GoodWorks Foundation; and Sarita Ledani, Assistant Vice President of Business Development, RTN Federal Credit Union, and Executive Director, RTN GoodWorks Foundation.

And the Winner Is…

Congratulations Margarita Pomare, the winner of the RTN GoodWorks Foundation 50/50 Raffle. Margarita, who has been a Credit Union member since 1999, purchased the winning ticket at RTN’s Brookline branch.

Thanks to all of our staff, members, and community partners who purchased tickets and helped us raise $1660 for the Foundation and $1660 for Margarita. The 50/50 raffle ran from October 15 through November 21, 2015.

Look for more information on future fundraisers for the Foundation to help support our community and financial education efforts.