Deposit Checks Electronically with DeposZip®

Ever have a check sitting at home that you keep meaning to deposit? Now, with DeposZip, you can deposit any check electronically from your home, office or anywhere you have access to a computer with scanner or via your iPhone or Android phone. DeposZip is both convenient and fee-free.

This service is available for eligible* members who are enrolled in RTN Mobile and/or Online Banking and meet the eligibility requirements*. Checks can be deposited into your RTN Checking, Savings or Money Market account.

To apply for DeposZip, logon to Online Banking and click on either your savings or checking account, go to the more actions drop down menu and choose online deposit link and agree to the terms and conditions. You may also apply for enrollment from directly from the RTN mobile app. Just download our mobile app and enroll. Next, click the DeposZip button and agree to the terms and conditions. You will be notified via email  when your DeposZip service is approved and available. Once you are approved, you are now able to access DeposZip from your PC and mobile phone.

Please note: Members who are accessing mobile banking prior to their DeposZip approval, will need to  delete your current RTN mobile app app, reinstall it and login. The DeposZip button should now be activated and you can begin your check deposit.

DeposZip check limits are $1,000 per check and $5,000 per day.  You also may deposit up to $50,000 during any 30-day period.


*Certain member eligibility requirements may apply, including, but not limited to, a minimum 90-day membership in good standing, having an acceptable credit score, two-year minimum duration for established businesses, online banking registration, and minimum age of 18 years. Please refer to the DeposZip Services Disclosure and Agreement for additional details.

Applying for DeposZip

Access into DeposZip is based on an acceptable credit history.

  1. Log in to your Online Banking account
  2. Click on your savings or checking account
  3.  Go to the More Actions button, then choose Online Deposit
  4. Read and accept the DeposZip Services Disclosure and Agreement. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email within one (1) business day from us stating that you are now enrolled in DeposZip. (Be sure we have a correct email address on file within your online banking account under Personal Options before you apply.)
  5. Once approved you will be able to enter the application (via your Online Banking account), and using the drop-down menu, choose the account for your deposit and then follow the steps to make a New Deposit.

Making a New Deposit from your personal computer (PC)

  1. Endorse the back of your check by writing:
    For Deposit Only at RTN Federal Credit Union
    Account # 12345 (your account number here)
    via DeposZip
    on MM/DD/YYYY
    Your Endorsement (your signature here)
    View Endorsement Requirements – Exhibit “A”
  2. Select your scanner
  3. Enter the total amount for your deposit
  4. Scan the front and back of each check you wish to be submitted as part of your deposit
  5. Click Continue to conduct your Deposit Review then click the Submit button to enter your deposit.

If at any time during these steps you need help, just click the [?] next to each step for detailed instructions and/or watch the online help videos pertaining to the step you are on.

After you have completed all five steps, you will receive an email communication from us on the status of your deposit within two (2) business days. You can verify your deposit by checking your RTN Online Banking account history to be sure there are no processing errors. If we find there is an error, we will notify you via email within 2 business days.

Making your deposit from your mobile phone (iPhone/Android)

After you have been approved for DeposZip, you will be able to access it via your mobile phone when using our free RTN mobile app. Just download our app from either Apple App store or Google Play and enroll as a new user. Be sure to endorse your check properly (see step 1 above) before you get started with your check deposits.

(Please note: Members who are accessing mobile banking prior to their DeposZip approval will need to  delete your current RTN mobile app app, reinstall it and login. The DeposZip button should now be activated and you can begin your check deposit.)

Once you have enrolled and been activated in the RTN mobile banking app, just login and touch the DeposZip button to start your session. Next enter in your check amount and capture the front and back photos of your check and submit. Upon successful images, you will receive a confirmation number of your deposit. You will be notified of your deposit confirmation via the email address we have on file for you.

If you have any questions or find you need some assistance with DeposZip, please contact us in the following ways:

  • By phone at 1-800-338-0221, Option 1.
  • By secure email: Log on to your online banking account and click on the green envelope icon, and then write your email. Be sure to place DeposZip in your subject line.
  • By general email at (please do not include any personal or account information when emailing